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Tips Avoid Chainsaw Kickback

The Kickback of a chainsaw is a common problem that usually faced by every chainsaw owner. This issue usually occurs if the chainsaw is not using correctly and carefully. If you hit the kickback zone, then the problem will start. This particular thing forced the chain to grip the timber. When the problem starts, the chainsaw works towards to you mostly on your face. This issue can occur serious injuries. The rotating chain is the primary cause of kickback.

Here, we are going to discuss chainsaw kickbacks and “Tips Avoid Chainsaw Kickback.”

However, if you are planning to run a chainsaw then, this“Tips Avoid Chainsaw Kickback” is going to be very much useful content for you.

There are two types of Chainsaw Kickback:

Before describing the “Tips Avoid Chainsaw Kickback,” we should know about the types of kickbacks.

Bar tip dig in Kickback:

Usually, the chain of a chainsaw moves into a circular motion. So, in this case, the same chain runs back towards you which is used to advance away from you. This incident is used to being very dangerous because if the chain of your chainsaw contract with any of object then the saw will back towards your face.

Pinching the bar Kickback:

When the chain is pinched between the wood of something while cutting from the below of the chainsaw, the kickback happens

Tips Avoid Chainsaw Kickback:

Keep your hands on the saw: This is the best thing that you can to prevent chainsaw kickback. You can keep your hand on the front handle of the saw all the times. You can’t slow down while cutting or what you can do that maintain a wild swing motion if you are unable to control the tool at first.

Plan your cuts: This will be another effective way to avoid Kickback problem that, you should plan your cuts. In your mind, you can plan the cut and practice the motion of the cutting before start the work. It will help you to do a safe and perfect cutting as you planned.

Keep your arms and legs in the right position: make sure about the position of your arms and legs while cutting. Make sure that you are standing at the right side while you are cutting.

Keep your chain sharp: It is very much important to maintain the chain of your chainsaw sharp properly and for sharpening your chainsaw, you must choose the best chainsaw sharpener in the market. If the chain remains loose or dull, it will irritate you much during your work. So make sure about broken strings.

Chainsaws are critical tools to us. But they are tools after all. You should not treat a chainsaw like toys. It can cause dangerous accidents if you are not careful while operating a chainsaw. There are many serious injuries occurs with this single tool every year around the world. People, mostly house owners get injured by this device. Always be careful about to keep it far from your children for their safety.

Avoiding kickbacks while using chainsaw can able to protect you from serious accidents. Follow the ideas and always be careful to have a safe and perfect cut.


How much is the cord of wood

The official estimation of kindling is known as a “cord.” But that word can differ in some regions, and it can be misused by some firewood dealers.

A significant portion of homeowners has a need for firewood. A lot of homeowners uses firewood all year round to heat their rooms. The cost of firewood changes year to year. There is no fixed cost of firewood.

The cost of firewood depends on the quality and types of firewood. The quality and types of firewood vary from country to country.

Before we have a discussion on the actual cost of a cord f wood, we will learn what a cord of wood is?

A cord of wood: the wood which is arranged in a way that all the individual pieces are sliced like aligned, parallel, touching and compact. It gauges four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.) and has a volume of 128 cubic feet.  The actual wood volume is closer to 90 cubic feet due to all the air in between the firewood. The rest of the cord volume is air space. To make a good firewood, you can use the best electric chainsaw to cut it in the proper way.

While buying a cord of wood ask about the overall volume because a lot of sellers will use their own lingo with their own definitions. If you feel that the seller is trying to deceive you, then don’t think too much. Just walkway and find a reputable seller.

The cost of a cord of Wood:

The cost for a cord of wood depends on several factors. These are-

  • Type of wood (such as hard wood or soft wood)
  • Time of the year
  • The place you live
  • Market conditions

Delivery cost will be added to the purchase price. Delivery fee will depend on how close you live to the seller. The final cost will be counted when they deliver it to your home.

The price of a cord of wood:The price of the firewood depends on the species of wood and market conditions.

Service fees price ranges:

  • Delivery only: $100 (depends on how close you live)
  • Stacking: $30 to $80

Prices will fluctuate as it depends on the types of wood and where you live. Also, you’ll notice a lot of firewood sellers have ‘mixed cords,’ which are typically cheaper than one full cord of one tree species.

Hardwood: $300 to $500


  • Half Moon Bay, CA: Oak — $415
  • Maple- $400
  • Mesquite — $300
  • Hickory — $800 (expensive)
  • Softwood: $150 to $300


  • Pine — $267
  • Juniper — $225
  • Red fir/Douglas-fir mix — $225
  • Pinon Pine — $400 (expensive)

Avoid buying firewood by telephone without going to see the wood at the vendor’s yard. It takes some experience to pick up confidence in your capacity to judge good firewood for your heater. The price of a cord of wood varies greatly depending on the type of wood, availability, the geographical location and the location of the purchaser. Prices can range from $50 to $100 a cord for mixed hardwood.


Chainsaw carving is the modern developed process of carving woods which is a developed version of ancient wood carving years. Human civilization is in relation with wood carving since beginning. For example, Egyptian carved their God in wood to make a statue in Pyramid era. Now it has become fast-growing art form using modern hand tools & chainsaw. Woodworkers, Artists, Hobbyist around the world have taken this art as a hobby & trusted source of income.

History of modern Chainsaw carving- In 1953, an artist named Murphy carved out his brother’s name by his father’s chainsaw. Then he applied same carving process to create wooden artworks like fishes, bears, moose, squirrels, eagles, etc. This is the beginning of modern chainsaw carving history. In 1961, Artist Ken Kaiser crafted 50 wooden arts for Trees of Mastery. Murphy & Kaiser are two pioneers to create spark evolution of Modern wood carving trend.

Tools needed for Chainsaw Carving

  • Tools for hand carving (gauges, knives, etc.straight / jagged)
  • Chainsaw with a roller tip bar
  • Saw sharpening kits
  • Handheld belt sander.
  • Die grinder
  • Hydraulic Table
  • Hatchet

How to start Chainsaw CarvingAt first, buy some course or hire a trainer or watch YouTube videos to get an idea about chainsaw carving process. Then try carving with a small piece of wood and learn how straight/jagged / inclined cuts on woods. Practicing is the most important key to being efficient on carving. When you know the process well, and then try with timber. Buy timber; create a sketch of what you want to create. Sketching will give you an idea of how to start carving on timber. At first, try with small cuts with a chainsaw because massive cuts have the risk of damaging timber when you have not practiced so well. When the carving is done, try to give finishing with small blades and knives.

Safety precautions to take

  • Before you start working with Chainsaw, must wear protective clothes to save your body. There is a higher chance of getting injured by chainsaw than by any hand tool.
  • Build fence around your working area to protect others when you are working with chainsaw carving. Please use high-grade safety glasses to save your eyes.
  • Use leather hand gloves to save your hands & get a better grip on tools.
  • Use mask around your nose to save yourself from wooden dust.
At last Practice, Practice & Practice!!. It is the only way to master chainsaw wood carving.

It takes years to be a ninja in Chainsaw Wood Carving. Over the years, chainsaw carving has become a well-known hobby for artists and woodworkers. Many people are making huge money by just selling their crafted wooden masterpiece made through chainsaw carving process. It’s like hobby & money are in relation with each other. So develop your skill by taking online courses, books, e-books, etc. to grow your knowledge to help you master the art of chainsaw carving.

Thanks. Happy Wood Carving!!


Beginners Guide and Tips How To Own An Electric Chain Saw

Electric Chainsaw is one of the most modern cutting tools now. The device is powered by electricity connection. It can be helpful for your all kind of small menial cutting, pruning and trimming. It is a new invention of chainsaw history. Before appearing the electric chainsaw, people were using gasoline chainsaw for all sorts of cutting task. After the introduction of the electric chainsaw, it is dominating the market. The device has some demand to the people for its lightweight, low price and decent power. People of all sectors such as homeowners, craftsmen, arborists, florist, lumberjacks and many other people use the chainsaw widely. All of the people want to buy the best chainsaw in the market but they don’t know how to choose and how to own the best one.

Classification of Electric Chainsaw

Its cord system can divide the electric chainsaw. There are two types of the electric chainsaw in the market according to its cord appearance. They are-

  1. Corded Electric Chainsaw: The corded chainsaws are powered from an outlet. The main disadvantage of a corded chainsaw is the presence of cord. The models can’t be utilized as a part of remote reigns without a generator because the line confines use to areas within 100 feet of an outlet. It is heavier to bring anywhere. But even all these cons, corded chainsaws are the better option for heavier cutting applications. All the powerful electric chainsaws are corded chainsaw.
  2. Cordless Electric Chainsaw: Cordless chainsaw doesn’t contain any types of cord or outlet. The models are runs on rechargeable batteries. However, the corded chainsaws are better powerful for cutting but nowadays cordless chainsaws are being sturdy. Many production companies of electric chainsaw are making powerful cordless chainsaw with heavy battery.

Electric Chainsaws are again classified according to their power level. Different types of people use different types of electric chainsaw according to their needs. In this category, they are divided into three types.

  1. Low-liability Electric Chainsaw: This chainsaws weight in at about 7 to 10 pounds. The typical horsepower differs up to a greatest around three. The low-ability electric chainsaws are ideal for lighter yard work like hedge clipping, tree trimming, etc. The lighter chainsaw is easily controlled by anyone and enough calm to use anywhere.
  2. Mid-liability Electric Chainsaw: The mid-liability electric chainsaws weight in at about 10 to 13 pounds. They are heavier than the low-liability electric chainsaw. They are more suitable for more substantial work like cutting a small branch of a tree, chopping firewood, mild logging, etc. this type of chainsaws are more demand-able to the user for their durability and notable work power.
  3. Proficient Electric Chainsaw: These are the most powerful electric chainsaw. The proficient electric chainsaws are weighing as much as 22 pounds. It has longer bars and is designed for cutting large trees, tree trunks, thick branches, etc. The chainsaws are the first choice of professional landscapers and loggers. They use it for regular and heavy cutting. Homeowners don’t need this type of powerful cutting tools. But many people have to make a huge amount of firewood for daily basis or have to clear-cut broad swathes of property; they should own it.

Features of Electric Chainsaw:

Features are the most important things to know accurately about an electric chainsaw. You have to consider four things when you buy an electric chainsaw, they are-

  1. Control bar length
  2. Chain Catcher
  3. Motor power (Amp, CC or Volts)
  4. Flywheel
  5. Decompression Valve
  6. Clutch
  7. Handguard
  8. Chain Brake
  9. Fitness or strength level of the user
  10. Safety features

Pros and Cons of Electric Chainsaw


  • Portable to anyplace
  • It’s much calmer than gasoline chainsaw
  • It’s anything but difficult to start and work quicker
  • Easy to handle
  • Prudent to operate
  • It is lighter and more secure than gasoline chainsaw
  • It can be utilized inside the home
  • No fuel and oil to blend
  • No fumes or exhaust to breath in


  • Less power than gasoline chainsaw
  • It has limited versatility if corded by chance
  • It has no chain brake
  • Confined Bar length go (under 20” )
  • Restricted to light to medium commitment
  • Electric shock hazard if working in wet conditions
  • Not able to fell substantial trees.

How to use an electric chainsaw

Using an electric chainsaw is not so easy. To make the best use of an electric chainsaw, the operator must be concerned about the using process of the chainsaw. At first follow the user manual of your chainsaw model. Then start to work-

  • Pull the Start/Stifle control out to the ON position; allow the oil to lubricate the chain properly.
  • Hold the front handle with your left hand
  • Get the back handle/trigger with your right hand
  • Get the position- keep the tree between the two legs if you want solid support
  • Start to cut with the focal cutting point of the blade
  • Don’t force the saw when it is cutting the wood, allow the chain to cut by itself frequently otherwise it will make kickback to you


Electric chainsaws are considered as the most popular cutting tools of today. There was a time when people use an ax for cutting trees or trunks, stone or crafts, wood or branch. It was much affording and time killer. But today we can use chainsaw which is runs by electricity. So, if you are searching a chainsaw to buy and a beginner on this factor, please be informed about the term and policy of the tool.