Chainsaw carving is the modern developed process of carving woods which is a developed version of ancient wood carving years. Human civilization is in relation with wood carving since beginning. For example, Egyptian carved their God in wood to make a statue in Pyramid era. Now it has become fast-growing art form using modern hand tools & chainsaw. Woodworkers, Artists, Hobbyist around the world have taken this art as a hobby & trusted source of income.

History of modern Chainsaw carving- In 1953, an artist named Murphy carved out his brother’s name by his father’s chainsaw. Then he applied same carving process to create wooden artworks like fishes, bears, moose, squirrels, eagles, etc. This is the beginning of modern chainsaw carving history. In 1961, Artist Ken Kaiser crafted 50 wooden arts for Trees of Mastery. Murphy & Kaiser are two pioneers to create spark evolution of Modern wood carving trend.

Tools needed for Chainsaw Carving

  • Tools for hand carving (gauges, knives, etc.straight / jagged)
  • Chainsaw with a roller tip bar
  • Saw sharpening kits
  • Handheld belt sander.
  • Die grinder
  • Hydraulic Table
  • Hatchet

How to start Chainsaw CarvingAt first, buy some course or hire a trainer or watch YouTube videos to get an idea about chainsaw carving process. Then try carving with a small piece of wood and learn how straight/jagged / inclined cuts on woods. Practicing is the most important key to being efficient on carving. When you know the process well, and then try with timber. Buy timber; create a sketch of what you want to create. Sketching will give you an idea of how to start carving on timber. At first, try with small cuts with a chainsaw because massive cuts have the risk of damaging timber when you have not practiced so well. When the carving is done, try to give finishing with small blades and knives.

Safety precautions to take

  • Before you start working with Chainsaw, must wear protective clothes to save your body. There is a higher chance of getting injured by chainsaw than by any hand tool.
  • Build fence around your working area to protect others when you are working with chainsaw carving. Please use high-grade safety glasses to save your eyes.
  • Use leather hand gloves to save your hands & get a better grip on tools.
  • Use mask around your nose to save yourself from wooden dust.
At last Practice, Practice & Practice!!. It is the only way to master chainsaw wood carving.

It takes years to be a ninja in Chainsaw Wood Carving. Over the years, chainsaw carving has become a well-known hobby for artists and woodworkers. Many people are making huge money by just selling their crafted wooden masterpiece made through chainsaw carving process. It’s like hobby & money are in relation with each other. So develop your skill by taking online courses, books, e-books, etc. to grow your knowledge to help you master the art of chainsaw carving.

Thanks. Happy Wood Carving!!



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